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Faux Finishing

We provide a myriad of decorative finish treatments for your home or office. We come to you, display our extensive portfolio of samples, and then help you decide which finish can be customized for your individuality. There are a wide variety of finishes to choose from, and the creative options are endless. Below are just a few of the samples from our portfolio that we have provided for clients over the years.

We only use water based, environmentally friendly materials and glazes for our decorative finishes.

The Process:


faux glazingmetallic glazingrag painting

Glazing is a way to add multiple colors into your design scheme. Though certainly not all inclusive, these are some examples of available glazing techniques. There are many more to choose from, and the possibilities are endless. From simple broken color techniques to more involved multiple layers and colors, these finishes add depth and visual interest to any wall or accessory..  To get more information on these and other available finishes click on the contact us link.

Reactionary Color

broken color paintreactionary colorbroken color paint

This multi layer technique is the crown jewel of the decorative painting system. One of the most popular faux finishes in our portfolio, it is used to create depth and texture, while remaining smooth. Colors can be tailored to suit your needs.

Faux Marble

faux marblemarble paintingverde marble

Marble finishes incorporate multiple faux finish techniques in several layers.  They are a great look on table tops, columns, floors, fireplaces, or anywhere marble may be desired to enhance decor.

Metallic Textures

metallic bronze texture paintmetallic copper texture paintmetallic gold texture paint

These upper end textured metallic finishes are a great look for areas that you would like to add elegance and style.  This material can be applied in many ways, rag, combed, or sponged.  Available in bronze (left), copper (center), gold (right), pearl, black, clear, metallic red, and silver.  Can be applied over any base coat color. 


multi-spec paintmulti spec paintmultispec paint

This multi color spray on material is a lower cost alternative to glazing, or specialty finishes.  You still get the benefit of broken color, but in a 1 step application. Tough and durable, this material comes in a wide range of 84 pre mixed color variations.


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